Spanish dominance is down to good planning says Martinez

Roberto Martinez believes that the dominance of Barcelona on a European club level and Spain on an international level have been down to good planning and player development.

Martinez, a Spaniard himself, never made an appearance for the Spanish national team and has gained more recognition for his exploits in England. The Wigan boss believes that the Spanish FA have spent the last 10 years building up a system where they bring through successful players.

Spain may have lost to England 1-0 last weekend, but the Wigan boss believes that was just a blip and the way Spain is approaching football could resort in total dominance for some time on an international level. Martinez also highlighted the team ethic of the Spain side and that they do not have a reliance on individual ability.

Martinez said: ‘The Spanish FA have put in a lot of good planning to develop players and that’s throughout all the top clubs in Spain. It is just because of the developing programme of the youngsters is very successful; it combines good coaching ability with competitive programmes for these youngsters to play their football and develop and make them as good as we can’.

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