Tevez must explain Argentina trip to City

Manchester City have demanded that striker Carlos Tevez explain his reasons for leaving the club to travel to Argentina, The Manchester Evening News reports.

The Blues have started to begin a disciplinary procedure against the Argentinian, who is still in his homeland and does not look like returning any time soon. Tevez has offered an explanation which blames manager Roberto Mancini for not responding to his texts and calls, but City have not stomached Tevez’ claims and have requested he return to Manchester.

City have told Tevez that the deadline for his explanation is today and the forward has to provide a sufficient reason before he is fined. This recent saga comes so soon after Tevez’ refusal to warm up in September’s Champions League game against Bayern Munich.

Tevez could be fined between £600,000 and £1.2m and a gross misconduct charge could be placed on him, depending on how much longer he will stay in Argentina.

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