Robinho advises Neymar to join Barcelona

In an interview with, AC Milan striker Robinho has advised his fellow countryman Neymar to join Barcelona instead of his former club Real Madrid, believing the style of play employed by Pep Guardiola’s team is better suited to the 19-year-old’s game.

Robinho has become close friends with Neymar since his days on loan at Santos from Manchester City in 2010 and also from meeting up with him when representing Brazil: “We speak almost every day, almost like women,” he says. “We talk about everything, particularly since we are organising a charity match together. He is a spectacular player with a gift from God. He was born with it. I think I was a good influence on him and the others [at Santos].”

Neymar has been the subject of much speculation over the past 12 months, during which a tug of war has developed between Barcelona and Real Madrid for his signature. However, Robinho has some advice for his friend: “He should go to Barcelona without any doubt because Ney’s style will fit in better there,” he insists. “There is no vanity among the Barcelona players. At Madrid, when a player faces goal then to get the ball is very difficult. At Barcelona it is not. It seems they appreciate it much more.”

On the inevitable comparisons with Lionel Messi and the opinion of Santos’ Coach Muricy Ramalho that Neymar is the better player, Robinho said: “The two of them are equal. Messi gets the ball and runs with it at great pace. He is much faster with the ball at his feet. Perhaps Muricy has not seen much of Messi, but the two are equally as good as each other.”

Robinho also compared the circumstances of his move to Madrid with that of Neymar: “My circumstances and those of Neymar are different. Economically, to go to Madrid was a good decision for me. Only time will tell if Neymar has made the right decision to stay in Brazil. If it was now, then I also would stay. At the time Europe was seen through different eyes. Madrid had Los Gal

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