Bassett states belief, togetherness and atmosphere as key for Premier League survival

Dave Bassett believes that those clubs struggling in the Premier League relegation battle have the ability to turn around the season, if they all pull together.

Bassett has earmarked five teams as potential worries for relegation. The former manager, who has a fantastic track record in keeping sides up, thinks QPR, Wolves, Wigan, Blackburn and Bolton are in for a difficult season to get away from the dropzone. Bassett believes that the people within the clubs have to unite together and believe they can escape relegation.

The 67 year old said: ‘If you’re down the bottom, you’ve got to have the belief, togetherness and the right atmosphere at the club. Morale has got to be good with all the players, coaches and staff pulling in the same direction. It’s important to have laughter, not being too serious. It lifts a lot of things and stops doom and gloom setting in.’

Managers are also vitally important to believing in the escape, Bassett says, and the bosses have to keep their faith: ‘If they (the players) sense the manager’s belief is starting to wane, you’ve got a big problem’, Bassett added. The former Sheffield United boss kept the Blades up in the first season of the Premier League and believes that every club has the potential to escape.

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