Coppell uninterested in management towards the end of playing days

Former Crystal Palace and Reading manager Steve Coppell has admitted that he had no intentions of becoming a manager when his playing days were drawing to a close. Coppell had to retire from football at the age of 28 and has enjoyed a fairly successful career in management.

The 56 year old has enjoyed spells in the Premier League as manager of Crystal Palace and Reading and despite a blip at Manchester City, Coppell’s record has been rather good. Coppell admitted that he would have preferred to have a longer playing career, but the former England international is happy with the way coaching has gone for him.

Coppell said: ‘I think if I had had a full career as a player then, I would have been quite happy with that. I got my injury when I was 26 and eventually had to retire when I was 28. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I went to live in Amsterdam for three months just to get away from everything in England and find a fresh approach for what I wanted to do with the rest of my working life, as it were. I came back and let it be known that I wanted to get into management and three months later, I was offered the Palace job by Ron Noades’.

Noades took a gamble at Selhurst Park by appointing Coppell as a 28 year old manager back in 1984 and the manager has praised the bravery and gamble Noades showed to give him a chance. Coppell was also happy to have Ian Evans alongside him with the Eagles and believes that without him, the job would have been horrendously difficult.

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