Ferguson describes Suarez as a disgrace

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has branded Liverpool striker Luis Suarez ‘a disgrace to Liverpool’ after his refusal to shake the hand of United captain Patrice Evra, The Telegraph reports.

Evra’s outstretched hand was declined by Suarez, who had been found guilty of racially abusing the Frenchman earlier this season. Suarez was banned for eight games in the process and on his first start since his suspension ended, the 25 year old ignored Evra. The Uruguayan’s decision to snub Evra will avoid censure by the FA, but has brought uproar from Ferguson who has called on Liverpool to restore their tradition by expelling the player.

Ferguson said: ‘I’d get rid of him. Liverpool have a player banned for eight matches and they’ve tried to blame Patrice Evra. It’s him they should be blaming. He could cost them a European place. I just could not believe it. Patrice and I had a chat this morning and he said: “I’m going to shake his hand, I have nothing to be ashamed of, I’m going to keep my dignity”. He is a disgrace to Liverpool Football Club.’

The United manager continued: ‘That player should not be allowed to play for Liverpool again. The history that club has got … and he does that. It could have caused a riot. I was really disappointed in that guy. It was a terrible start to the game, a terrible atmosphere it created.’

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