La Liga Headlines: Countdown to Munich for Real Madrid, Diego out for a month

– minus 10 degrees for the 10th.
– The countdown towards a Munich final begins.
– Mou: “We will go out with everything because this is not something you joke about.”
– He is thinking of reinforcing the midfield with Xabi Alonso, Khedira and Coentrao.
– “Pep don’t leave us.”
– Clamour among players, the club and fans for him to renew his contract.
– Real Zaragoza 0 Real Betis 2: Out for seven games: one month without Diego.


– Operation Moscow.
– The winter weather interrupts on the way to the 10th.
– Doumbia, CSKA’s greatest threat: “I am supermotivated. This looks good to me.”
– Cristiano will be in the starting line-up and Mourinho warns: “We don’t want any messing about.”
– The Barca squad pressures Guardiola to renew his contract.
– Alert at Atl

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