Johnson criticises Evra over Suarez handshake

Liverpool defender Glen Johnson is convinced that Manchester United defender Patrice Evra was clever in making it seem Luis Suarez was in the wrong over their handshake, The Daily Mail reports.

Johnson did not see the incident live, but has watched it on television since and believes that Evra was the main culprit for the problem. Suarez has been universally condemned for not shaking Evra’s hand in the 2-1 loss to Man United at Old Trafford in January, but the England international has defended his Liverpool teammate wholeheartedly. Liverpool and Suarez have both apologised for what happened, but Johnson believes that the whole scenario was ridiculous.

The 27 year old said: “Evra was clever at Old Trafford. I’m not being funny, but if I wanted to shake your hand, I would stick it right out in front of me like that. But if my hand is down here, almost by my side, then it’s because I really don’t want to shake your hand. Evra probably stayed up all night thinking about how to do that. The whole thing was ridiculous”.

Former Manchester United defender Paul McGrath was also in Johnson’s firing line, who the 27 year old accused of being racist. McGrath criticised Johnson’s decision to wear t-shirts in support of Suarez before December 2011’s game against Wigan at the DW Stadium and the England international has spoken out about how McGrath singled Johnson out because of his colour.

Johnson said: “The McGrath thing… that’s actually racist. Saying what he said is racist. He is only saying that to me because I was the only black lad wearing the t-shirt. He’s targeting me because of my colour. The reason I wore the t-shirt is because I know 100 per cent Luis Suarez is not racist”.

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