La Liga Headlines: Mourinho wants more titles at Madrid, euphoria in Bilbao

– Mourinho says he will carry on another year: “I want to win more title with Madrid.”
– “I feel the confidence and the backing of the club.”
– “We have a project in common.”
– “There are people more intelligent than me who are trying to paint another picture but it’s all the same to me.”
– Maestro Bielsa’s masterpiece.
– Euphoria in Bilbao after the ‘Euromashing’ that was made after a speech from the Coach in the Old Trafford dressing room: “Lads, to play here is a dream but to win a reality.”
– Ramos’s other derbi: Sergio, a Sevillista by birth, plays in his most special match.
– Euro 2012: rivals only hope is if Spain arrive burnt out.
– Interview: Luis Enrique would be a good replacement for Guardiola.
– Recre boss gets off the bus and signs for Racing on the way to a game.


– Signings: Barca move forward in the transfer market.
– A ‘crack’ punta and a defender on the Blaugrana agenda for 2012-13.
– Jordi Alba, Thiago Silva, Neymar, Kolarov.
– Mou: “Others have a better image but I am who I am.”


– Madrid attack again with Villarato.
– Some declarations from Godall are taken advantage of by Mourinho.
– Every Cul

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