La Liga Headlines: Real blame referee for Villarreal draw

– Scandal.
– Villarreal snare another two points off Los Blancos with a direct free-kick in the 82nd minute.
– Paradas Romero rages at Real Madrid with five sendings off: Rui Faria, Mourinho, Ramos, Ozil and Pepe in the tunnel.
– Los Blancos end up insane: according to reports Pepe allegedly said to the referee: “It was a holdup you *******.”
– ‘Cristiano leaves the pitch repeating: “We’ve just been robbed, we’ve just been robbed.”
– The referee books Pepe for a foul….on Pepe! And then turns down two penalties on Arbeloa.
– La Liga is now red hot with Barcelona just six points behind.


– Hot! Hot!: Madrid play badly and end up crazy with Paradas Romero.
– Another mistake from Casillas and four sent off for Madrid.
– The referee includes in his report that Pepe said to him in the tunnel: “It was a holdup you *******.”
– Prestigious newspaper Ol

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