Playing FIFA 12 can improve football skills

A survey conducted on 10,000 registered players in the FIFA Interactive World Cup has discovered that hours playing EA Sports FIFA 12 will improve football skills in real life. FIFA found that 58% of online gamers believe the virtual skills learnt during the game can translate into real life action and help them become better players.

The FIWC has surpassed one million players participating in the annual tournament since its inauguration in 2004. In 2011, the online competition secured its place in the Guinness World Records as the largest online gaming tournament and as part of the celebrations, FIFA conducted the survey to find out information on their worldwide players.

46% of players believe that participating in the FIWC has improved their understanding of football tactics, 23% credit the tournament with their skill improvement and 17% are convinced that their awareness on field has improved due to EA Sports FIFA 12.

The study also found that 43% of participants have dreamt about playing FIFA 12, which is not surprising considering the amount of hours played by the FIWC competitors. FIWC is a virtual football tournament that gives fans the chance to live out their passion for football and interact with other people across the world.

Players compete against each other online or offline to qualify for the Grand Final, where the World Champion is crowned and receives prize money of ,000, as well as an invitation to the Ballon D’Or and a meet and greet with some of world football’s biggest stars.

Contestants can still enter the competition through an online tournament played on Playstation Network. All that has to be done is registering during FIFA 12 or when they start up their Playstation 3.

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