Illegal El Clasico signals to be cut

Sport reports that the TV signal to businesses illegally showing live football is set to be cut before or during Saturday’s El Clasico at the Camp Nou.

Mediapro, the broadcaster that owns the rights to the transmission of live La Liga games, is set to intensify its campaign to locate and disconnect the signals to bars not authorised to show matches on the company’s Gol T channel ‘en directo’ (live).

This follows the cutting of signals to around 6,650 bars in the whole of Spain this season, most of whom will face financial penalties and legal action for misuse, with Mediapro revealing that 474 such establishments had their signals cut last week for fraudulent abuse and not having subscribed to the relevant channels.

Furthermore, Mediapro has warned that the signal can be turned off at any time, even during a game, and are set to clamp down even more when Barcelona and Real Madrid go head-to-head in their crucial clash in the race for the title this weekend.

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