La Liga final day guidelines

The Spanish League (RFEF) has laid down a set of guidelines all clubs and officials must try to adhere to on the final day of the season this Sunday:

• The start of all games must be punctual for both halves and any ceremony that might hinder the start times must be avoided.

• It is forbidden for scoreboards to report latest scores from other games.

• Scoreboard clocks must be switched off.

• The referee must make sure he has all the necessary equipment and should check all goals, balls etc.

• There should be a generator for emergency situations.

• The pitch must not be watered less than two hours before the scheduled kick-off time.

Clubs have also been warned they must be especially careful about where they place opposing supporters to avoid any kind of incident, while there is a ban on interviews with players and coaching staff before the match and during the half-time interval.

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