Laporta ponders Barcelona return

Former Barcelona President and now leader of the Democracia Catalana political party, Joan Laporta, says he could stand in the elections for his old post.

“Nothing has been decided and everything is open” said Laporta at a Press conference. “In 18 months the model of the club I believe in has been destroyed and the perception has been altered.”

Above all, Laporta was referring to Pep Guardiola’s imminent departure as Coach of the Catalan club after four seasons in charge of the first team, citing exhaustion as the reason for leaving.

Laporta himself was replaced by Sandro Rosell in summer, 2010 but considers events since then are not compatible with his own political aims as leader of Democracia Catalana, a delegate in the Catalan parliament and a Barcelona city councillor. Therefore, he is now pondering the possibility of entering the election for Barca President when the time arises.

“If there are no early elections in Catalonia then the next ones will be in 2013, while in 2014 the municipal elections will take place and Barcelona’s in 2015. If a return to the President’s role was incompatible with my political activities then the latter would be continued by others in my party, in which there are perfectly capable people,” he concluded.

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