A time for Spain to forget

The next few weeks will give a welcome reprieve to all the lovers of the “beautiful game” in this passionate country on the Iberian Peninsula, a time to pause and forget, if that, is indeed at all possible. With the country riding on the crest of moral sapping wave of financial ruin and unemployment at a staggering 23%, millions of Spaniards will be hoping for more of the same from their beloved “La Furia Roja”.

Connoisseurs of the game in Spain, will tell you that only the great Brazilians and Maradona’s Albiceleste have reached the heights of Xavi, Iniesta , Casillas and co over the last 6 years or so .

Spain has the opportunity to become the first back to back winners of the European Championships with a World Cup win in South Africa in 2010 , providing the ample filling to what would be the tastiest footballing bocadillo ever .

The scars left by the social and economic crisis will never be completely healed, but if the Spaniard’s pull off this unique treble, who in the football world would deny them their place among the world’s footballing superpowers.

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