Barton gets fine and loses QPR captaincy

Joey Barton has been punished further for his final day antics against Manchester City today.

Sky Sports broke the news that Barton was to be stripped of the captaincy at current club Queens Park Rangers as well as being fined six weeks worth of wages thanks to his actions.

In a club statement, QPR said: “QPR FC can confirm Joey Barton has been fined six weeks’ wages and will no longer be club captain. If Barton seriously breaches the club’s disciplinary procedures again, the club reserves the right tot terminate his contract.”

The midfielder had already been punished by the FA for his red card – after elbowing Carlos Tevez off the ball – and subsequent lashing out at Sergio Aguero and Vincent Kompany, in the form of a 12-game ban and £75,000 fine.

The player admitted after the game that he had done these things in order to provoke a reaction from the City players saying that he felt ‘If I’m going, I’ll take one of them with me’.

Barton has already responded to this punishment from his club on Twitter, where he said:

“I was reckless and deserve every punishment I received. Money comes and goes, it’s not important to me. Losing the captaincy and missing 12 games, is what really hurts. I was stupid and that’s what happens when you do dumb things.

“I am confident I’ll bounce back. Cannot wait. That’s all I have to say on the matter. I wish to put it behind me now and help QPR, once available of course, push on towards the top half.”

The midfielder has had a host of previous misdemeanors, having been arrested several times – once for an attack on Manchester City teammate Ousmane Dabo in which he was given a four-month suspended sentence.

However, the latest series of penalties for the incidents on the last day of the Premier League season have been his strongest football related punishments.

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