Lack of goalline technology is beyond a joke says Wilkins

After another row regarding goalline technology in the Ukraine vs England final group stage game, former Three Lions international Ray Wilkins believes that it is ‘beyond a joke’ that goalline technology has yet to be installed.

UEFA president Michel Platini insists that there is no need for goalline technology and, while FIFA president Sepp Blatter thinks it is now a ‘necessity’ for technology, there has yet to be action. Arguments over this debate have rumbled on for a long while and Wilkins believes that there is only so much referees can do in top-flight games, so they need a lot more help.

Wilkins said: “I think Platini’s theory has been rubbished. It has gone beyond a joke – there’s so much at stake with these decisions. It seems that every other sport on the planet has it and we need it. I don’t think the officials themselves should be vilified; humans can only do a certain amount, we all make mistakes and we all need assistance.”

The 55 year old has praised Blatter for finally coming to his senses over the issue and thinks that while it may take a while for the technology to be in place, the ‘massive industry’ of football and ‘the huge financial impact from these decisions’ make it inevitable for things to change.

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