PZBN blocked Spain request

PZBN President Gregorz Lato claims Italy blocked Spain’s request to have the pitch watered before Sunday’s 1-1 draw.

A number of the Spanish players have criticised the state of the playing surface, with Andres Iniesta labelling the surface ‘a disaster’.

Team-mate Cesc Fabregas, who cancelled out Antonio Di Natale’s opener to level the encounter, echoed Iniesta’s sentiment claiming it was ‘shameful’ they had to play on a dry field.

Polish Football Federation supremo Lato has hit back at the comments from the duo, insisting the pitch was ‘impeccable’, but revealed Italy refused Spain’s appeal to water the pitch prior to kick off.

“The grass height was perfect,” Lato told TOK FM. “Usually the field is watered before the game, but for this you need the agreement of the two teams. Spain wanted [it done], but Italy were opposed to it being watered.

“The Italians knew that dry grass, which is slower, was the best tactic for them. And if there is no agreement between the two teams then it is not irrigated, regardless of whether Real Madrid or Barcelona water their pitches two hours before every game.”

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