Vicente del Bosque will play Fabregas again

Spanish national coach Vicente del Bosque will consider using Cesc Fabregas against the Republic of Ireland in the role that has sparked controversy reports MundoDeportivo.

Del Bosque has been criticised for the approach he took in the opening game of Group C against Italy – by playing without a number 9 he saw his Spanish side create very little chances in front of goal and has led to some sections of the Spanish media questioning his ability.

Speaking to MundoDeportivo the 61-year-old said “I’m not upset. In football it is logical that there are discrepancies and different opinions, we cannot all share the same opinion, is impossible.”

Despite those criticisms and failing to kick-off their European Championship defence with a win against group rivals Italy, Del Bosque plans to keep things familiar against Ireland.

“I have not seen the match again, but I would do the same against Italy. I cannot justify everything I do and not make it bad place to other players. It pains me to leave each party to ten players and two goalkeepers out, they are all very good” Del Bosque added in the interview.

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