Suarez opens up about his past

Luis Suarez has conceded that he must calm down on the pitch, but has attributed his feisty nature to growing up on the streets of Uruguay. Reported by the Independent, the Liverpool striker spoke of his previous exploits and how he has already curbed his negative attitude, but he hopes to continue that change.

He said: “If you saw me a few years ago you would know that I have improved a lot but I know I still have some way to go. I am 25-years-old, I know I don’t need to do the things I used to do anymore because it makes things worse for me and for the team.”

Since arriving in England, the Uruguayan international has redefined the meaning of a mixed bag. In 45 games for the Reds he has scored 15 goals but it is controversy that has dominated the headlines since his move from Ajax in January 2011.

A well-publicized incident involving Patrice Evra of Manchester United saw the striker banned for eight games last season but he added fuel to the fire when he refused a handshake from the French defender in the return match.

The Suarez that we see on the pitch is the result of someone who had to fight hard to get to where he is today, he talks about his childhood and how playing in the Netherlands was something of a culture shock:

He adds: “When you have to suffer a lot when you are kid, you take that with you on to the pitch throughout your career. I played barefoot in the street with my friends but that was normal. It was just never an option for me to say to my mother or my father ‘I want these football boots’. I grew up having to fight for everything.”

“I saw player in Holland that when they are 17 or 18 years old are given a big, expensive car, something that in Uruguay you are not going have until you are as old as I am and playing in Europe,” he continued.

But in what seems to be a new-look Suarez for the new season, he admits that his past cannot affect him on the pitch anymore. He will be hoping to take his new attitude into the game on Sunday against Manchester City, also hoping to right some wrongs after losing 3-0 on the opening day of the season to West Brom.

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