The FIFA Interactive World Cup kicks into gear

While many of us simply play FIFA 13 to pass a little time or have some fun, for others it is a series of business and today, that business begins in earnest as FIFA, EA SPORTS and Playstation have announced that the 2013 FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC) begins.

The Grand Final of the competition, which pits together the millions around the world who fancy themselves as world-class on the platform, is to be held in Madrid, where winner is not only awarded $20,000 but also offered an invitation to the annual FIFA Ballon D’Or awards, the home of football’s biggest world stars.

“We are excited to be kicking off the latest edition of the FIWC,” said FIFA’s Head of Strategy and Brand Management, Ralph Straus. “Together with our Presenting Partners, we are eager to continue the incredible growth of this event. I look forward to welcoming the finalists to Madrid in May.”

Of course however, it must not be forgotten that this remains just a video game and so FIFA have announced the results of a survey which asked over 10,000 FIWC players who they would most want to play FIFA 13 against, both inside of football and out of it. Unsurprisingly, as with most matters in the world of football these days, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo led the way with with 25% and 19% respectively, while out of football, Spanish Tennis star Rafael Nadal was perhaps the surprisingly popular leading chase at 13%, closely ahead of Barack Obama (12%) and Angelina Jolie (9%).

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