Hoeness criticises Man Utd owners

Bayern Munich President Uli Hoeness has taken a shot at millionaire football club owners, stating that people who buy clubs should hold an emotional attachment to them, and not see it as a money driven enterprise.

Hoeness won three Bundesliga titles during his playing days with Bayern, and was appointed commercial/general manager at the club upon retirement in 1979 before later becoming president.

The report from ESPN also highlights the structure of football in Germany, where lower ticket prices result in higher average attendances than elsewhere in Europe.

Speaking to The Sun, Hoeness iterated his desire to run the football club based on sound economic reasoning as opposed to buying the path to gloey and facing large financial losses.

He said: “I only want to have big sporting success on a sound economic basis. It’s no fun to win the championship or Champions League with a £50-£60 million loss. The 12,000 cheap tickets are for young people and the people who cannot afford it otherwise. Football must always be affordable.

“When you only pay €15 (£12) you can’t say ‘I hate these millionaires’ because you cannot finance the millionaires with €15. The €15 tickets are standing seats behind the goals. Our most expensive season ticket is around €800.”

The 61-year-old did take the time, however, to praise the financial model of one English club currently plying their trade near the top of the Premier League.

“I’ve a very good opinion about Arsenal’s people and how they think. They do it correctly.

“At the moment, OK, they have some problems in the squad but in their financial behaviour they are correct. If Mr Kroenke says, ‘I want to make money’ then he has to find people who love the club. Arsene Wenger for a long time has been a good icon for the club. He has done a great job.”

Hoeness cites Manchester United owners, the Glazer family, as an example of individuals buying a football club with a money making venture in mind.

He continues: “At Bayern we don’t look always for short-term success. I’ve won about 20 titles. To win the 21st title I’ll not sell out the club. But if somebody comes in who’s won nothing, he wants to win quickly and under this pressure he makes decisions which can be very difficult.

“I do not compare ourselves to United for instance which is a very big club and famous and one I admire greatly. But Mr Glazer didn’t know where Manchester was 20 years ago. He doesn’t do it because he loves United. He wants to make money.”

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