Tottenham Focus – The wasted talent of Adebayor

The international break appears to have seen a resumption of the chaos surrounding Emmanuel Adebayor and the Togo FA. The Tottenham striker was due to link up with the Togolese camp for the World Cup qualifying fixture away to Cameroon. Reports suggest that Adebayor, as well as Kossi Agassa and Prince Segbefia, did not shown up on Saturday, following their original exclusion from the squad by coach Didier Six. Apparently the squad was then amended by the Togo FA against the wishes of Six. The resinstated players did not show and so Togo fielded a squad of only 18 players.

Within all the madness, perhaps it was inevitable that Cameroon – with Spurs’ Benoit Assou-Ekoto playing – would benefit and the Indomitable Lions duly won 2-1. The result leaves Togo propping up the group with just the point. The turmoil surrounding Adebayor’s action may leave his international future open to some considerable doubt either from his own perspective or his FA’s.

The hope for some fans was that the international break may have helped Spurs players refocus after three consecutive losses. However for Adebayor, whether due to internal issues within the Togo FA, poor advice from representatives or his own problems, turmoil seems to follow him around this season.

At each international break there have been constant will he/won’t he questions; Adebayor did eventually go to the Africa Cup of Nations earlier in the year. Domestically his form has been more than poor. Each performance seems to have to be painfully extracted from him.

Adebayor’s ability to hold the ball up, to work the channels to create space for others and to link play should make him better suited for Spurs Coach Andr

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