Britain are a nation of sports addicts research reveals

People in Britain spend more time discussing sport than their European cousins, research commissioned by has revealed. The study showed that almost three quarters of the British public talk about sport through the week, compared with less than half of people in Russia, Germany and France.

Eurosport commissioned the research from Dres Consulting, and found that 72% of British people discuss the latest sports news during the week, with that number falling to 45% or lower for other European countries.

And it’s modern technology that is spurring on the British interest in sports – Brits spend on average 2.8 hours per week reading about sport on mobile apps, the same length of time spend reading the sports pages in newspapers.

When asked, 34% of respondents said they like to read about sporting events on the web and mobile apps, with 28% also wanting access to additional commentary, analysis and statistics during the match. And they are willing to pay, too – 29% of people shell out for online content behind a paywall.

Half of those asked agreed that they use sports events as a way to catch up with friends and family while another 24% feel mobile technology has enabled them to stay in touch with those not able to attend the game.

Television is still the preferred method of watching live sport, with 6.6 hours per week spent in front of the box, while over 40% of those surveyed watch preview shows to get themselves more interested in the latest sporting event.

The same sort of number admit to feeling their mood affected by a sporting result for days afterwards, and 16% admit to missing work because of a sports event.

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