Chelsea chairman disagrees with Financial Fair Play rules

Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck has criticised UEFA’s Financial Fair Play policy, stating football had a problem and still has a problem, writes Sky Sports.

UEFA brought in financial controls in order to stop clubs spending more money than they earn, with any clubs breaking those rules being sanctioned from 2014. And from 2016, the Premier League is bringing in regulations aimed to prevent losses and restrict wage levels.

But Buck disagrees with the new rules and regulations, stating: “Football had a problem and football has a problem which is that there are some clubs who spend money they do not have.

We felt that football should do something from a rule-making perspective, but our approach was really financial stabilisation, in other words rules which would require clubs to pay their taxes and would not permit them to spend money they did not have.

The problem we have identified with Financial Fair Play is that it goes a long way to preserving the status quo, and one of the great things about football in this country is that if you are in last place in League Two, you can still hope that someday you will win the Premier League. That is now difficult if not impossible due to Financial Fair Play.

We would have preferred something which really dealt with the issue of stabilisation regulations. We feel that what we have is we had a broken finger, so we cut off the arm.

Having said that, Financial Fair Play at the UEFA level is in effect, we all want to play in UEFA competitions, so we will all do what we have to do to comply.

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