The Top 5 Scariest Footballers – Halloween Special

The Premier League can be a scary place at times, with the drama and tension occasionally boiling over. Over the years we’ve seen some passionate players grace the Premier League but none more so than these scary five.

Betfair launched a poll to find out football’s scariest players of all time as part of a Halloween special feature. In memory of football’s scariest characters, Betfair asked expert Pumpkin carver Dave Finkle to carve the faces of those chosen as the fans’ fearsome favourites onto pumpkins, just in time for Halloween. One thing though- don’t go asking them to “Trick or Treat”. #Betscare

Betscare Poll – Top 5 Scariest Footballers

1 – Vinnie Jones – 33%
A vital part of the Crazy gang, Vinnie’s physicality will never be forgotten. If he wasn’t grabbing testicles, he was flying into opponents legs with his boots. He wasn’t the kind of player you would like if he wasn’t in your team. Jones picked up 12 red cards in his career.

2 – Roy Keane – 21%
Labelled the man with an ‘acid tongue’ and with eyes like ‘wee black beads’ in Sir Alex Ferguson’s autobiography, the centre-midfielder has the scariest stare in football. Intimidating opponents before they even got onto the pitch the Irishman will forever be remembered for overstepping the mark with a horror tackle on Alfie Haaland in the 2001 Manchester derby, which broke his leg and effectively ended his career.

3 – Duncan Ferguson – 14%
Nicknamed ‘Big Dunc’ for obvious reasons, Ferguson will be remembered for his combative nature on and off the pitch. He received nine red cards in his career and also crossed the line of the law on occasions too. He was the first player to be arrested for an on the pitch incident. He didn’t stop there either, when his house was being burgled, the fiery Scot walked downstairs confronted the two offenders and left one of them in hospital, making him a fans favourite for the Toffees. He doesn’t scare Jimmy Bullard though!

4 – Luis Suarez – 5%
The Liverpool man is not your average football hard man, and has only been sent off twice in his career. Instead Suarez prefers to take a chunk out of opponents skin, whether it be an ear or a shoulder, Luis doesn’t mind.

5 – John Terry – 4%
Not a fans favourite unless you’re a Chelsea fan, Terry is known for his warrior style antics on the pitch, even if it means producing a diving header on the floor to try and stop a shot on goal. Its most probably his off the pitch activities that scare people, especially his team mates.

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