5 least likely Premier League Celebrity Big Brother housemates

Since Celebrity Big Brother returned to UK screens on Channel 5 in 2011, the gathering of well known personalities under a single roof has enjoyed the status of an annual show. Some who have entered the house have proven popular with the viewers, while plenty of others have brought controversy to the screens, and inevitably it is often these individuals who tend to grab the headlines in the following day’s papers.

Series 13 winner Jim Davidson, to pick a contemporary example, has seen his fair share of negative press over the years, and other celebrities over the course of the series have found accusations of racism among other things directed towards them during their tenure in the house.

Taking that into account, Titanbet have put together a list of five footballers to have played in the Premier League who could well bring their own fair share of debate and headlines to the public eye should they have ever taken part in the show. From the man dubbed “the serial expectorator” to a former Man City bad boy, these guys would almost certainly pull in the viewing figures, if for no other reason than people wanting to see just which boundaries will be pushed next.

Electricity and fireworks would surely ensue if one or more of these individuals found themselves under Big Brother’s watchful eye 24 hours a day – it would surely be good value for entertainment, particularly for those who enjoy watching the controversy unfold before their very eyes.

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