Football Fashion – From the pitch to the terraces

With Manchester City the bookies favourite for the Premier League, and a resurgent Utd looking to reclaim their crown in coming seasons under David Moyes, it is safe to say that Manchester has lead the pack in recent years in football.

And so it follows that the city is home to the company that specialises in terrace clothing – Manchester based Scotts pride themselves on providing the ultimate terrace clothing, with the most popular brands featured for the most stylish football aficionados. Fashions that became famous on the streets of northern cities in the 70s and 80s, fast spread to the terraces around the country.

Adidas used to be famed for sports clothing in the past, but the Adidas Originals range has become a fashion in itself, with their sport influenced casual shoes. And now the Bamba, Spezial and Vintage ranges, among others, have been joined by the brand new Gazelle OG. The Gazelle was originally a running shoe introduced in 1968, and was seen on astroturf pitches around the country. But the practical, sportingly designed shoe of yesteryear has been expertly adapted to suit modern fashions, and even includes a leather lining on the ankle, along with the embossed adidas emblem on the tongue.

It’s not just the shoe range that takes inspiration from the heyday of support on the terraces. The Fila range, and in particular the Settanta Track Tops, bring back another 80s favourite. Influenced by training tops of the 70s and 80s, this has also been adapted to modern fashion. The crowd trouble and dodgy perms of the 80s may have been left behind, but the fashions have been brought back.

It’s with this approach to modern fashion that other brands featured by Scotts also follow; Fred Perry is joined by Nike, Lacoste, Henri Lloyd, ONEtrueSaxon, Aquascutum, Penguin and G-STAR, amongst others.

While the terraces in the Premier League may not exist anymore, the imprint it left on football culture continues to exist, and it’s those memories that the 80s terrace ranges from Scotts has honed in on.

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