World Cup Odds: Brazil’s cost giving them an edge?

With the World Cup in Brazil in the summer fast approaching, fans all across the world are keeping a close eye on results and team news in order to get something of an idea of who might be on the planes departing from all over the world heading for South America.

With Brazil being the hosts, and of course the most successful team in the tournament’s history with five titles in total to date, naturally many are expecting them to add a sixth star to their badge by the time the 2014/15 season rolls around.

Form and odds notwithstanding, here is an infographic looking at which side who will participate in the World Cup has the most expensive assets available to them. Of course, in this instance the assets are the players themselves, and the figures are based on the likely individuals’ most recent transfers. In theory, the higher the transfer fee the more valuable the transfer itself, leading logic to imply that the most expensive squad should be the best.

Of course, other factors such as climate, fitness levels etc also come into play, but just which squad would cost the most to purchase? Time to find out…..


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