Lahm: Algeria prefer to foul

Germany captain Philipp Lahm has accused World Cup opponents Algeria of playing dirty, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The sides meet on Monday in the Round of 16 and while Lahm called for his teammates to rise to the occasion, he also pointed the finger at Algeria and claimed they cross the line with some of their challenges.

“They prefer to foul than lose the ball,” Lahm said. “It is an unpleasant team to play. But we have to unleash a performance, play aggressively, defend aggressively and show how classy we can be when we play.”

The Telegraph add that the match comes with a backdrop of past antagonism between the countries, when in World Cup1982 it was alleged that West Germany and Austria colluded to engineer a result that benefitted them both at the expense of the African side.

Lahm added that Germany need to be wary of the fixture and not assume that their status as favourites will be enough to send them through. “We don’t want to have the problems others had,” the Bayern Munich man said. “The allegedly small football countries show what they are capable of doing. We have seen that in the group phase. We want to solve that in 90 minutes.”

Algeria came out of Group H, qualifying with Belgium at the expense of South Korea and Russia, while Germany topped Group G, with fellow qualifiers United States, Ghana and Portugal.

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