Usmanov could increase Arsenal stake

Arsenal shareholder Alisher Usmanov has explained his reasoning for investing in the Premier League club and suggested he will look to increase his involvement with the FA Cup winners, ESPN has reported.

Usmanov owns 30% of the Gunners and revealed in a blog for Bloomberg why he bought into the club. “Many people ask me why I bought my stake in Arsenal, rather than spending the money on Russian football,” Usmanov said. “The fact is, I invest millions in Russian sport each year – an amount far in excess of my Arsenal investment.

“But I also think it’s worth pointing out that the English Premier League is a highly organised sports business and Arsenal is, first and foremost, a business investment for me,” he added. “

“It is one of the leading clubs in terms of how its commercial operations are managed, and I am absolutely convinced it will be a successful investment. I am fine with the size of the stake I have in Arsenal now, but I’m always ready to increase it.”

The club’s majority shareholder is American businessman Stan Kroenke, who possesses a 67% stake. Usmanov is the second-highest stakeholder. Kroenke also owns MLS side Colorado Rapids, NBA team Denver Nuggets and the NFL side St. Louis Rams, although his family are listed as owners of some properties to comply with regulations in the United States.

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