Former FA chairman wants UEFA to boycott World Cup

Former FA chairman David Bernstein has urged UEFA to take drastic action against FIFA in a bid to once and for all implement major and meaningful reform, the BBC is reporting.

This dramatic call has come in the wake of FIFA’s report into the bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups cleared Russia and Qatar of any wrong doing – instead levelling criticism at England’s 2018 bid team.

Yet just four hours after the report was published Michael Garcua, the man who carried out the two year investigation for the report, questioned its legitimacy after he claimed it contained “numerous materially incomplete and erroneous representations” by FIFA.

Now Bernstein has claimed it is time for drastic action in the wake of the embarrassing revelations over a report that should have cleared any wrong doing by football’s world governing body – stating that the World Cup would be significantly weaker without Europe’s top teams.

He said: “England on its own cannot influence this, if we tried something like that, we’d be laughed at.

“If I was at the FA now, I would do everything I could to encourage other nations within Uefa – and there are some who would definitely be on side, others may be not – to take this line.

“At some stage, you have to walk the walk, stop talking and do something.

“Unless it (Fifa) could achieve the reforms that would bring Fifa back into the respectable world community, yes I would.

“It sounds drastic, but, frankly, this has gone on for years now. It’s not improving, it’s going from bad to worse to worse.

“You can’t hold a serious World Cup without them (describing Germany, Spain, Italy, France and Holland). They have the power to influence if they have the will.”

Bernstein went on to describe FIFA President Sepp Blatter as a “formidable, very shrewd, very smart” man whose rule over the body reminds him of the old Soviet empire.

The views of the former FA chairman have been echoed by his German counterparts, who suggested UEFA could leave FIFA if the report’s findings were not published in full.

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