Germany sent Saudi Arabia rocket-propelled grenades to secure World Cup 2006 vote

The German government allegedly sent Saudi Arabia a shipment of rocket propelled grenades in order to secure their vote for the 2006 World Cup, the Daily Mail reports.

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German newspaper Die Zeit claim that the then chancellor Gerhard Schroder had his administration persuaded by the German FA to send the weapons over to the Middle East country in 2000 so that they would swing their vote from Morocco.

Their vote helped tip the decision in Germany’s favours they defeated South Africa by a score of 12/11 and won the verdict to host the tournament six years later.

Die Zeit claim that the RPG shipment was part of an effort from German politicians and businessmen to persuade key members of of FIFA’s executive committee to give them the vote.

Elsewhere, German firms Volkswagen and Bayer gave their word for higher investment in Thailand and South Korea and Daimler invested £73m in South Korean motor giants Hyundai.

The news is just the latest twist in what has already become a muddy affair with deep lying roots in corruption and cloak and dagger behaviour.

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