(Images) Leaked Man United Adidas training top for 2015/16 season

As Manchester United’s big switch over from Nike to Adidas grows nearer, the sightings of their possible new kits are coming thick and fast.

Ashley Young was spotted last week sporting what will likely be the new home shirt but this latest leak, fans will be given the chance to see how the team will be lining up behind the scenes.

Thanks to the folks over at Footy Headlines, who once again have made it to the news first, we can see that the United players will need to rock some sunglasses during their training sessions as the gaudy blue looks as though it could blind somebody.

adidas-manchester-united-15-16-training-kits (2)

But if that one’s not good enough for the fans, like an away shirt, United will have an alternative. It’s still blue, it still has a red trim, but it’s a little bit darker.

adidas-manchester-united-15-16-training-kits (1)

You do have to wonder what the point is of released two almost identical training strips, will fans actually buy both?

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