Rivaldo’s Champions League XI: including 25 winner’s medals between them

ronaldo rivaldo

ST- Lionel Messi

messi barcelona

Along with Zinedine Zidane, the Argentinian wizard is the second member of this dream side that never played alongside Rivaldo. He has won the Champions League four times, and is now continually battling it out with Cristiano Ronaldo to be the competition’s leading goalscorer of all time. He could certainly make a case to be considered as the greatest player the world has ever seen. And imagine if he had come along a decade earlier, and played in a Barcelona side with Xavi, Luis Figo, and Rivaldo playing alongside him. A frightening thought.

ST- Ronaldo

ronaldo real madrid

Despite arguably being the greatest striker of all time, Ronaldo has incredibly never won the Champions League. He joined Real Madrid and AC Milan in 2002 and 2007 respectively. On both occasions, he arrived just after the sides had just won the trophy. Nevertheless, his goalscoring record in all competitions – including the Champions League – means that he can considered one of the most ruthless forwards of his generation.

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