(Video) Arturo Vidal: You can cuff me, but you’ll f*** Chile

The following video is allegedly of the scene of Arturo Vidal’s arrest in the early hours of Wednesday morning, during which he told Chilean police: “You can cuff me, but you’ll f*** Chile”.

Arturo Vidal driving ban
Arsenal’s 2015/16 Premier League fixture list

The Juve star is currently away on international duty with Chile, where he is helping the side make their way through to the next round of the Copa America.

Already the tournament’s leading scorer with three goals in two games, he has caused controversy in his homeland after being charged with drink driving.

Earlier today he was forced to hand over his drivers licence before being ordered by the judge to check in with the Chilean consulate in Milan once a month.

It is not certain how real the video below is, and will only be of use to viewers that can speak Spanish, but the Arsenal target alleged brags about his importance to the national team while police slip him into a pair of handcuffs.

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