(Video) PES 2016 teaser trailer: Neymar stars in ultra realistic ad

Football is full of rivalries. Whether it be Messi vs Ronaldo, England vs Scotland, or River vs Boca, none seem to divide the fans as much as the debate between Pro Evo vs FIFA.

Having taken an early lead, PES lost it’s crown as the top football game in recent years to FIFA, and has been playing catch up ever since.

However, judging by the look of it, PES could be in with a great chance of leapfrogging their great rivals if the teaser trailer is anything to go by.

Featuring the likes of Neymar and Francesco Totti (and his mobile phone), the game’s realism is almost frightening, though there is nothing said of the gameplay, which is principally where the game has fallen short in recent years.

There is a number of new features, namely Totti’s selfie celebration, and is certain to get football fans in the mood for it’s release.

See the teaser trailer below.

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