(Video) Venezuelan model Yuvi Pallares strips naked line on air to celebrate win vs Colombia

A Venezuelan model/TV presenter, Yuvi Pallares, has kept up her end of a bargain made before the Copa America kicked off by stripping naked live on air following her country’s win over Colombia this week.

Eight presenters from Venezuelan TV show Desnudando La Noticia, stripped off last week in a bid to show their support for their national team.

However, Pallares was apparently the only one that said she would bare all every time her country claimed victory in the tournament, and true to her word, she peeled off once again live on air.

The TV station that aired her de-robeing claimed that their approach to broadcasting, though in all fairness, it’s probably just ended up empowering the team more than it has her.

Venezuela are in action against Peru on Friday, and no doubt the entire male population of the South American country will be holding their breath for another win.

WARNING: The video below contains nudity.

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