Chelsea striker Diego Costa ran over and killed his own dog during Atletico Madrid days

Following on from the release of Diego Costa’s biography – “The Art of War” by Fran Guillen, a series of stories have emerged that fans previously weren’t aware of.

Some are funny, some are weird and some a genuinely quite interesting, but one of the sadder tales has also reared its head.

According to the Daily Mirror, the 26-year-old once accidentally killed his pet Yorkshire Terrier during his days with Atletico Madrid.

As the story goes, Costa went out and bought himself the little dog, but one day when he took it into training with him he accidentally backed over the poor pooch who had crept behind his car.

“Diego brought his Yorkshire Terrier to Madrid but one day when he was parking and didn’t realise the dog was behind the car, he reversed over it,” said former teammate Paulo Assuncao.

“He was devastated, totally depressed for a month. When I asked him why he was so low he practically broke down.

“He said: ‘I can’t believe it. I killed my dog. He came out of the house to greet me and I didn’t see him and I ran over him.’”

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