Former Arsenal and Chelsea star Ashley Cole is BEATEN UP by stunning Playboy bunny

Ashley Cole is a player that often splits opinion. He’s had his transgressions over the years, but love him or hate him, a Daily Star report claiming that he was beaten up by a Playboy bunny won’t fail to raise a chuckle or two.

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As the story goes, glamour model Carla Howe punched the former England international in the face three times because of his apparent poor treatment of women.

At the time, Cole was reportedly dating her twin sister, Melissa, shortly after his split from pop star and ex-wife Cheryl, but Carla wasn’t taken with her sister’s new fella, claiming ‘he’s an a**hole who thinks he can treat women like dirt’.


The strained relationship then came to a head at popular London nightclub Tramp, where she was attending a party hosted by rapper Drake.

Cole apparently became jealous of her friendship with the Canadian musician, but because he’d been seen out partying with another model, Carla decided to get her own back.

“He was trying to get up in my face, and I didn’t know what was going on. I thought something bad was going to happen to me,” she said.

“I was scared, so I punched him. I was wearing a ring and hit him three times in the jaw.

“No one tried to stop me hitting him – I think that is because of Ashley’s bad karma. I did it for my sister. Ashley has caused her a lot of issues. He deserved it.”

Hell apparently hath no fury like a Playboy bunny scorned!

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