Arsene Wenger says Jack Wilshere picks up injuries by being so aggressive, but he won’t ask him to change

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has said that Jack Wilshere’s swashbuckling style of play makes him more susceptible to injuries, but there is no major concerns over his latest setback, the Daily Express reports.

Wilshere will miss the start of the season after suffering a hairline fracture on his ankle last week in training (via The Guardian), which has come as a blow to both player and club, who are now looking to live up to their tag as genuine title contenders.

The England international has suffered a long line of ankle injuries throughout his career, and required surgery for a serious one last year (via The Express) and manager Arsene Wenger believes that it is Wilshere’s combative style of play that puts him more at risk of picking up injuries.

And though he is on the sidelines again, Wenger has insisted that there is no cause for alarm.

“This is not an ankle injury, it’s a bone injury, he said.

“His ankle is perfectly alright. What I call an ankle injury is a ligament injury or a joint injury. His is just a joint injury.

“You have little holes in your bone where the screw is taken out.

“They took the screws out at the end of the season and I think these holes are not completely healed and they create a little weakness.

“And that’s where he got hurt.”

However, apart from highlighting the player’s style of play as the reason he picks up so many injuries, Wenger insists he won’t ask him to altar his approach.

“Jack’s game is to provoke with the ball at his feet and go and penetrate. You take that away you change the player and you take one of his biggest strengths out of the game.

“His game is to receive, go forward, provoke, release the ball. Sometimes because he has a good little burst, he uses that very well to get out.

“But sometimes it is a game that provokes maybe more challenges than Gilberto Silva who just sat there deep and played, or Mesut Ozil who plays less dribbling.”

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