Bad Breaks – Top five injury blows of the new season: Man United defender and Lionel Messi included

We present you the top 5 injury blows of the new season so far, one of them worthy of a horror movie scene where Shaw broke his right leg on two places.

The season is under way and already we have seen two gruesome injuries and both have happened in the Champions League. Luke Shaw has suffered one of the most terrible injuries football fans have seen in recent years receiving a double fracture on his right leg after Hector Moreno caught it with a slide tackle in Manchester United’s game against PSV this September.

The game was stopped for nine minutes as nine medical staff treated Shaw on the pitch and gave him oxygen in the process. This injury will keep him away from football for 6 months and he will have to be treated with electro muscle stimulators to keep the strength in his muscles before he learns to walk again.

It was a very terrible injury to witness and not for the faint-hearted. I was shocked to see it while I was playing an online casino from South Africa on my mobile which made me lose my turn because I couldn’t get my eyes of the TV (here are some for gamers like me: fhatscasino and mzanzicasino You may remember Arsenal’s former player Eduardo when Martin Taylor broke his leg after which his foot literally hanged to his leg with the help of his sock. Terrible…


The second poor devil that suffered an injury which will keep him away from the pitch for 6 months too is Rafinha. Roma’s Radja Nainggolan was responsible for this, an injury that happened on the next Champions League night after Shaw’s tragedy. Rafinha’s torn knee ligaments were repaired with the help of surgery, but nevertheless he will be sidelined for the rest of the season due to the long process of rehabilitation.

These injuries are very complicated and both he and Shaw will be lucky if they can return to their previous form. The sad thing is that Rafinha’s form has earned him a call-up in Brazil’s national team, which he rejected due to his desire to play for Germany.


Barcelona seems to be the most injury plagued team at the moment in terms of their star players since Lionel Messi too has injured his knee which will result with a 2 month pause from football. He has torn his lateral collateral ligament in his left knee after shooting under pressure in the game against Las Palmas’ defender Pedro Bigas Rigo.

Other players whose injuries will be a big blow to their teams are Yaya Toure’s hamstring injury and Callum Wilson’s knee injury. Although Yaya Toure has suffered the lightest injury of these all, he will be missed greatly in Manchester City as he is one of the most important cogs in Pellegrini’s team. He is getting old and less effective, but the reality is that City is weaker without his defensive works which damages the balance.

Callum Wilson on the other hand has had a good start this season which has lit up talks about him being called up for the English national team, however this knee injury will certainly damage his chances for that. Bournemouth will suffer the most, because Wilson has scored five goals in his first six Premier League games in the new season.

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