Ramon Calderon confirms Arsene Wenger was interested in Real Madrid job

Former Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon has confirmed that Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger once came close to taking the managerial post with the Spanish giants, and believes he would have proved a huge success, according to the Daily Mirror.

Calderon revealed that the La Liga giants attempted to bring Wenger on board on several occasions but he opted to remain loyal to The Gunners instead.

“I imagine that anyone – be it a coach or a player – at some time in their career is interested in coming to a club like Real Madrid, especially when you have been at a club for fifteen years, or however long, in England,” said Calderon.

“Anyone working in any other industry would be interested in change. I think it’s a good idea to have a coach who has a long-term plan.

“He was talking to me about Real Madrid and, at that time, he was very interested in the club and what was happening. I remember he said: “Are you going to Hollywood again, or to make a football team?” He meant are you going for film star Galacticos or to make a proper football team.

“It’s something you have in England that is a very good thing. You have it at Arsenal, you had at Manchester United, that the manager could stay at the club for a very long time. It’s impossible here.

“In Spain, Barcelona and Real Madrid, fans and followers only want titles, trophies and championships. In England, it’s something they do well – to give the coach confidence and support. Get a good relationship between the club and the coach. Wenger is proof of that.

“Things didn’t work out and he has clearly loved his time at Arsenal… Wenger … is respectful. You never see him in arguments. There might be occasions where he complains about referees but not in the way that Mourinho does.

“He’s (Wenger) a very, very kind man. He is a wonderful manager, a really nice man and I am so pleased that he has been so successful, but I also think he would have been very good at Madrid. But Madrid is a very difficult club sometimes.

“Look at Mourinho. He won one King’s Cup and was sacked, also. When I had Capello… he was successful, but the supporters were not happy with the way the team was playing and we had to sack him… They also had the problem with Mourinho.

“Arsene Wenger is not that kind of coach. His team also tries to play in an attractive way for the spectator and for the people.

“But it’s always the same problem. It’s difficult to have a coach here for more than three years. They suffer the pressure. The media here is very difficult to cope with.

“It’s a real trouble for a coach if he doesn’t win and even if he does, but doesn’t play the style of football they like, then it’s not enough. Maybe he would have been successful, but if you come here there is so much to overcome.”

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