Ranking the kits of the FIFA top 20: Do Wales still rate above England?

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The latest round of FIFA world rankings caused another stir of controversy, with Wales rising above England for the first time ever and France dropping 17 places below Romania, it’s easy to see why it’s got people’s backs up.

However, just because a country has better individual players, it by no means ensures them a higher ranking.

Though FIFA’s system is flawed, and confusing, we’ve come up with a much better way of working out FIFA’s top 20, and that’s by judging them on their kits.

See how we’ve ranked everybody below…


20. Germany

It’s a far cry from the awe-inspiring designs that Adidas created for them in the 90s, and considering they’re world champions they certainly don’t look like it.


19. Switzerland

Is this a jump suit or a football shirt? What’s with the lines down the sides? Not for me, Clive.


18. Algeria

Boring, bland, and a far cry from the innovative designs Puma had decked out all major African nations with in recent years.


17. Austria

See Switzerland. We’re only being kind to Austria because they haven’t made it to a major tournament since 1998.


16. Brazil

The Brazil shirt, much like the first team, has seen better days. There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with this one, but it doesn’t embody the spirit of the Selecao like previous incarnations have.


15. Uruguay

Another bland effort for a country capable of counting on wave after wave of exciting players. The collar seems to have a chunk missing from it, leading us to believe this is Luis Suarez’s shirt.


14. Romania

Joma certainly have gone bold for this design, and though it is in keeping with Romania’s usually colourful designs, there’s something about it that doesn’t quite grab you.


13. Belgium

It’s shirt’s like this that make you wonder why Adidas is so highly regarded anymore. Boring effort.


12. Italy

Puma certainly like needless stripes down the front of their shirts. There was a time when Italy were decked out stylishly, not anymore, apparently.


11. Spain

Another poor effort from Adidas. The material looks like it’s just been thrown together, and red and gold have never been complimentary of one another.

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