Chelsea are biggest winter transfer window buyers (by far)

There’s no touching Chelsea when it comes to spending money during the winter transfer window, according to The Daily Mail.

The Blues are leading all other Premier League clubs by a mile when it comes to buying players in January. Since it’s introduction in 2003, Chelsea have spent £214 million on transfers during the winter period, sometimes referred to as the period to spend money on ‘panic buys’.

Roman Abramovich’s team spent a record £50 million on Fernando Torres five years ago, with the Spaniard becoming one of the biggest flops ever at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea also brought in Juan Cuadrado last winter for £27 million, before sending him out on loan.

Only three other clubs top the £100 million mark. Those are Manchester City with £131.1 million, Liverpool with £120.1 million and Tottenham with £105.7 million. Still, those numbers don’t come even close to Chelsea’s.

Next up are Manchester United, spending £87.2 million since 2003. Arsenal are sixth, having spent £68.9 million on winter transfers. Gunners’ manager Arsene Wenger has criticised the midseason transfer window for years.

“‘I think it should be completely cut out,” the Frenchman said January 2013. “Or limited to two players.”

The full ranking:

1. Chelsea – £214.2 million

2. Manchester City – £131.1m

3. Liverpool – £120.1m

4. Tottenham – £105.7m

5. Manchester United – £87.2m

6. Arsenal – £68.9m

7. Newcastle – £63.1m

8. Aston Villa -£50.4m

9. West Ham – £44m

10. Sunderland – £37.4m

11. Southampton – £26.5m

12. Everton – £23.2m

13. Crystal Palace – £22.2m

14. Stoke – £21.4m

15. Norwich – £15.7m

16. Leicester – £14.4m

17. Swansea – £12.2m

18. West Bromwich Albion – £11.8m

19. Watford – £5.4m

20. Bournemouth – £2.4m

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