Chelsea target 12-year-old Barcelona starlet

Chelsea are continuing to monitor the progress of 12-year-old Barcelona starlet Xavi Simons, having first attempted to sign the youngster in 2014, according to The Daily Mail.

A midfielder with an eye-catching head of blonde hair, Xavi impressed in the recent La Liga Promises youth tournament—considered by many to be a reliable shop window for future talent.

Xavi‘s father, Regillio, played for a number of teams in the Dutch Eredivisie during his own career as a professional football, isn’t going to let the considerable interest get in the way of his son’s progress:

“Agents are everywhere,” said Simons. “Even at a younger age they were starting to approach me making offers for Xavi, asking to be his agents, offering shoes and contracts and money like you can’t imagine. That’s the world of football now. You can’t stop it. For a lot of parents it must be difficult. It happens fast and if you are looking for money and clubs are offering it in large amounts, it makes sense to say yes.”

On Chelsea’s interest:

“We have spoken to Chelsea and you know it’s going to be good money at Chelsea. Agents approach me to say they are working for English clubs or Spanish clubs. It can’t touch me. I’m not someone who will be starry-eyed. Barcelona is already a big club and it brings him some kind of pressure and he is handling it well. That’s good for me.”

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