Fan numbers say Premier League rules, three clubs are lagging behind

The Premier League remains Europe’s top league when it comes to fan numbers, but Aston Villa and Crystal Palace are lagging behind other clubs.

This season, a total of 7.607.993 football fans have watched at least one of the 210 Premier League matches played. On average, 727.067 fans have visited a club’s stadium.

That means the Premier League has an average fan ratio (the amount of filled seats) of 95.8 per cent. Topping Europ’s five biggest leagues. The Bundesliga comes in second with an average fan ratio of 93.0 per cent. Next up are the Primera Division (68.4 per cent), Ligue 1 (67.5 per cent) and Serie A (56.6 per cent). Therefore, the latter three are down significantly from the former two.

In the Premier League, Norwich is leading the way with an average fan ratio of 100%. The Canaries feature one of the smaller stadiums in the league, but make the most of it.

Manchester United and Arsenal come in second and third place, nearly getting to the maximum average fan ratio, with also Manchester City, Tottenham and Liverpool boosting fine numbers here.

Three clubs are finding themselves below the 90 per cent mark. The first are Sunderland, who on average fill their seats at the Stadium of Light for 87.4 per cent. Next up: Crystal Palace with 85.6 per cent at the Selhurst Park.

At the bottom are Aston Villa. The Villans round out the Premier League with average fan ratio of only 82.4 per cent this season. That’s still higher than big clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Inter, Milan, Roma, Monaco and Marseille, but Villa Park is filled the least in the Premier League.

The full ranking (via Transfermarkt):




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