Leicester and Chelsea proving that possession doesn’t mean anything

Dominating possession used to be one of the crucial conditions for dominating the Premier League table. But Leicester and Chelsea are proving that possession doesn’t really matter these days.

After 21 matches The Foxes are ranked second in the league with 43 points, scoring an impressive 38 goals and losing just twice all season. Still, Leicester are down in 18th place when it comes to dominating possession, with an average of only 43.8 per cent.

Leicester have been using their possession better than any team so far, jumping a league leading 16 places when looking at points. Which is what ultimately matters in football.

Another team to mention is West Ham. The Hammers are ranked 13th in possession but are currently sitting in fifth place in the table. There are also Watford (17th in possession) and West Brom (20th in possession), who both jump seven places in the table.

At the other end are a couple of teams. One is Chelsea. The Blues are ranked fourth when looking at possession, with an average of 54.9 per cent, but they are just 14th in the table at the moment. Dropping a stellar ten places.

Swansea (7th in possession) and Bournemouth (8th in possession) are also two teams who don’t make most of their dominance of the ball, losing ten and eight places respectively.

Full possession ranking (in per cent, via WhoScored):

1. Man Utd 56.8

2. Arsenal 55.8

3. Man City 55.5

4. Chelsea 54.9

5. Liverpool 54.7

6. Tottenham 54.2

7. Swansea 52.6

8. Bournemouth 51.8

Everton 51.8

10. Southampton 50.7

11. Aston Villa 49.8

12. Stoke City 49.6

13. West Ham 47.1

14. Crystal Palace 46.9

15. Newcastle 46.2

Norwich City 46.2

17. Watford 46.0

18. Leicester 43.8

19. Sunderland 43.2

20. West Bromwich 42.3

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