Premier League dominates highest earning club rankings but fails to take top spot

It’s the time of the year for the 2016 Deloitte Football Money League and again Real Madrid lead the way, despite the Premier League clubs dominating the top 30, as reported by Goal.

The Football Money League details the 2014/15 season and measures a club’s earnings from matchday revenue, broadcast rights and commercial sources, ranking them on that basis.

Spanish giants Real Madrid retained their first place for the 11th year in a row, having generated £439 million last season (up from £418m). They are followed by La Liga rivals FC Barcelona, with the Blaugrana generating £427m (up from £397m).

Manchester United dropped from second to third place in the Money League. The Red Devils jumped from £371m to £395m but were passed by Barca. Ligue 1 leaders PSG come in fourth with a revenue of £366m (down from£369m), while Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich are fifth with £361m (up from £358m).

The next four are all Premier League clubs: Manchester City (up from £317m to £353m), Arsenal (up from £295m to £331m), Chelsea (up from £273m to £319m) and Liverpool (up from £233m to £298m). Italian champions Juventus round out the top ten, generating £246m (up from £ 212m).

It’s also interesting to see Arsenal generate the biggest amount matchday revenue, topping Real and Barcelona. Chelsea and Man City are the Premier League clubs with the highest broadcasting revenue, with Real leading the way here overall. PSG generates the most commercial revenue, with Man Utd leading the Premier League.

It’s astonishing to see all Premier League clubs (excluding the promoted ones) are ranked in the top 30, with West Brom being the 29th richest club in the world boosting a revenue of £96m.

Here’s the full Premier League ranking (PL rank, team, overall rank, revenue):

1. Manchester United (3) – £395.2m

2. Manchestert City (6) – £352.6m

3. Arsenl (7) – £331.3m

4. Chelsea (8) – £319.5m

5. Liverpool (9) – £298.1m

6. Tottenham (12) – £195.9m

7. Newcastle (17) – £128.8m

8. Everton (18) – £125.6m

9. West Ham (20) – £122.4m

10. Southampton (22) – £113.7m

11. Aston Villa (23) – £113.2m

12. Leicester (24) – £104.4m

13. Sunderland (25) – £101.1m

14. Swansea (26) – £101m

15. Stoke (27) – £99.6m

16. Crystal Palace (28) – £99.5m

17. West Bromwich (29) – £96.3m

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