Study reveals Arsenal will win the Premier League

Arsenal are going to win the Premier League for the first time since 2004, that is if you believe a computer.

American company Stats simulated each of the remaining league matches 10,000 times in order to predict the final standings, as reported by the Sun.

The Gunners came out on top with a predicted 74.8 points and a 45.3 per cent chance of taking home their first Premier League crown in 12 years, just ahead of Manchester City, with the Citizens finishing with an estimated 74.1 points and a title winning chance of 42.3 percent.

Current league leaders Leicester City are predicted to finish fourth. Claudio Ranieri’s side are expected to finish with 67.1 points, having just a 4.4 per cent chance of winning the title, though they finish in the top four 61.3 per cent of the time.

Tottenham comes in third, with an estimated total of 68.3 points and title chance of 5.6 per cent.

Manchester United are the final team to be awarded a small chance at winning the Premier League title, sitting at 2.3 per cent. However, the Red Devils would finish with an estimated 65.1 points, coming in fifth and missing out on the Champions League.

Liverpool and Chelsea are both out of contention for the title, though they are expected to finish sixth (61.2 points) and seventh (56.5 points), respectively.

Aston Villa, Sunderland and Norwich City would be relegated according to the study. Newcastle would be saved by a very close margin, given an estimated total of 37.7 points. Norwich would land at 37.6 points.

Final Premier League table:

1. Arsenal (74.8 points)

2. Manchester City (74.1)

3. Tottenham (68.3)

4. Leicester City (67.1)

5. Manchester United (65.1)

6. Liverpool (61.2)

7. Chelsea (56.5)

8. West Ham (54.5)

9. Southampton (53.2)

10. Stoke City (51.6)

11. Everton (51.3)

12. Crystal Palace (50.1)

13. Watford (47.2)

14. West Bromwich (43.6)

15. Swansea City (42.4)

16. Bournemouth (38.7)

17. Newcastle (37.7)

18. Norwich City (37.6)

19. Sunderland (33.4)

20. Aston Villa (27.8)

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